Product Design

Designing a PRODUCT is Designing A RELATIONSHIP.

The Product Design Programs offer the learners to understand the various approaches, processes and systems to address human needs by creating tangible products. In the various courses that the learners pursue, the emphasis is on learning-by-doing and following a comprehensive process of designing, producing and marketing products, systems and services. Of the many Product design courses in India the Product Design Programs at MADA are unique. The courses covered in the Program make the students understand concepts like design ethnography, design research, Ergonomics, Design Process, Strength of Materials, History of Design, Green Design, sustainable design and System Design. Of the many Product design courses in India the one at MADA emphasizes on the holistic learning. Product design courses in India have opened up a variety of career options. The products, systems and services created are to be used in homes, workplaces, institutions, places of leisure and outdoor spaces for public interaction.

Program Objectives

  • This four year UG course in Product Design is spread across three yearly levels, comprised of six semesters, after one full year of Foundation (two semesters).
  • The principal aim of this program in Product Design is to produce competent, creative and ethical product designers/entrepreneurs who are intellectually mature, ecologically sensitive, and socially responsible.
  • The program work towards creating employable graduates who are well balanced in their knowledge and skills in products, design, aesthetics, forms, craft & manufacturing and communication aspects of product design.

Semester:- 1

  • Design Overview.
  • Design Drawing 1
  • Digital Methods 1
  • Inter Design Studies 1
  • Form Studies : 2d/3d

Semester:- 2

  • Design Drawing 2
  • Materials & processes
  • Problem Solving
  • Digital Methods 2
  • Project: Simple Product

Semester:- 3

  • International Module Study at INSTITUTO MARANGONI MILANO (ITALY)
  • Thesis study
  • Design Portfolio

Semester:- 4

  • Drawing: Rendering Techniques
  • Complex Forms
  • Manufacturing Processes 2
  • Digital: CAD 2
  • Project: Human-Product Interface

Semester:- 5

  • Digital Methods: CAD/CAM 3
  • Digital Rendering: WACOM
  • IDS: Travel
  • Design Ethnography
  • Project: System Design

Semester:- 6

  • Product Semantics
  • Open Elective
  • Design & Business
  • Digital Methods: CAD/CAM 4
  • Graduation Project