About Us

Welcome to Management And Design Academy. I hope that you find the information provided here informative and helpful. At MADA, we are committed to ensure that students receive world-class education while enjoying the experience. For a complete supportive learning environment, there is an ideal student-teacher ratio in conjunction since we believe in close interaction between students, faculty and administration. Management And Design Academy is an institution that is driven by a single-minded ambition to offer international standard educational and training program in the field of design and management by constantly innovating, integrating and imparting skills that are in tune with the industry. MADA gives you an edge you need to set apart yourself from the rest of the crowd to fulfill your dreams. The time you spend in MADA will be your key to a challenging new endeavor that will distinguish you in the industry and the world. We are thankful to our faculty and staff for their dedication; to our friends from the industry for their strong support; to the board for their leadership and also to the supportive parents who are involved in the whole process. It is only because of their immense love and support, we have been able to create a niche in the education sector and constantly making progress to achieve the academy's vision of developing future leaders in the industry.

Step 1 : Our Aim

To shape the creative and talented pool of individuals into skilled and professional designer and make them industry ready. With a strong curriculum and professional training, we are committed to nurture the best talents in design and management. We believe in engaging the creative mind of our students and honing their skills to help them become the leaders of tomorrow..

Step 2 : Our Mission

To be amongst the leading design and management institutes in India. We offer an opportunity to students to gain global design knowledge and experience to showcase their final work on the international platform. We constantly strive to deliver world class education through innovation and high quality standards.

Step 3 : Our Vision

To be the centre of leadership and management excellence, and the embodiment of lifelong learning. Our vision encompasses overall development of our students to be able to take mature decision towards their career ventures and become successful entrepreneurs.

Step 4 : Our Core Values

Trust and Respect for the Individual


Open and Timely Communication

Performance Excellence

Spirit of Innovative Adventure